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March Community Meet Up – a few notes

Shelly shares the backstory to the newly refurbished Village Hall









Some of the challenges Community Associations/Organisations face

  •  adopting local phone boxes
  • running a community centre – its management can suck resources leaving little time for the community üüü (Pinhoe have a community hub and a community Association, in St David’s there is the St David’s neighbourhood partnership and the Exeter Community Centre Trust)
  • acquiring a new community building
  • involving a diverse community üü – how to consult and young people – identifying needs and involvement
  • handovers when people leave e.g. leases and managing ongoing responsibilities
  • measure impact
  • engaging students who are transient
  • how to engage other community groups
  • help to set up and promoting what we do
  • growth of communities – new development

Feedback on Parks and opens spaces strategy development to ECC

  • needs to integrate into everyday activity
  • how will it link to Exeter’s Community Strategy?
  • have a round table discussion on parks and open spaces – informal and in depth
  • start with ‘what we like’
  • how does air quality consultation feed into this?
  • and relate to other strategies?
  • how to involve those who find it hard to be active? How does it rely on those who can’t get round easily?
  • how to be involved in the strategy drafting – with community organisations?
  • youth strategy – tie to this activity and involvement in design and implementation
  • land ownership – kept in public ownership – a community land trust? to hold land in perpetuity and generate income?
  • definition of a green space – what’s involved? – gardens? evaluation of trees – what do we have?
  • access to green spaces – increasing restrictions e.g. Ducks Meadow, university and developers are closing access and parking restriction
  • Transport, consistent polices on issues e.g. permissions by both Council e.g. memorial benches need to be consistently applied
  • Need reply to emails and access to information and permissions – names contacts would be helpful
  • no green space is ‘pinched’ until there is a policy for the area – developers think they have rights over any green space
  • new estates – how to mobilise community to look at it and communication
  • income generation to be financially viable – look at case studies e.g. NESTA
  • events and café on Parks
  • heritage features in parks and gardens are important.

A draft youth strategy – what difference can your organisation make?

You are cordially invited to the launch of a report produced for Exeter Board and supported by Exeter City Council, Devon County Council, Exeter Community Forum and a range of other partners, to be held at Exeter Guildhall on Wednesday 22nd March, 6pm-9pm.

The report draws on research into the needs and aspirations of young people aged 10-25 in the Exeter area, and indicates some clear priorities for a youth strategy for Exeter. The overall aim is to make Exeter renowned as a young people-friendly city.

The event will provide opportunities for you to make a contribution to determining priority actions and to join a network of young people and organisations determined to make Exeter a great place to live and work for its young residents.

The final version of the report will be available on the 22nd of March. We don’t as yet have the designed version, however you can read the final draft of the report.

To register and book your place please e-mail giving your name, the organisation you represent, your contact e-mail and phone number. Further details will then be sent to you a week before the event. Please note that spaces at the event are limited, so please book early.