Who we are

ECF meeting at the new Newcourt Community centreThe Forum emerged in 2014 as a result of co-operation between a number of community-led groups engaged in the planning process. These community groups began to meet formally with other community associations and local Councillors.

We talked about how planning matters and the city’s growth will change our communities and how money raised by the housing levy might be spent in our neighbourhoods. We also talked about how we might support and strengthen Exeter’s communities in general.

In February 2015 Exeter City Council agreed to encourage a “bottom-up approach with positive engagement” to develop a Community Strategy for the City.

As Exeter grows and changes we want to support and  invest in communities and help community organisations that do so much. Over the past year we have put together a Community Strategy which set out how how we think we can do that.

The Exeter Community Fourm is made up of community-groups working in a defined geographical area of Exeter (as Full members). These groups are most likely to have an interest in community development and planning matters. These groups are ‘umbrella’ organisations and play a role in supporting other community groups, and will have members from the community or other community groups, and maybe owning and/or running community facilities.

We’re working together with Exeter City Council  and the Exeter City Councillor with the portfolio for Communities and Culture  is also a Full Member of the Forum.

Community associations are encouraged to work with and invite the local Councillors in the ward join as  associate members.

We also invite other local statutory and voluntary sector organisations that support community development to contribute or join the Forum as Associate Members.

Find out more about our members here.