Eligibility Criteria

Applications can be for capital (building or equipment costs) or revenue funding (so costs for running a project or activity) or both. Particular criteria for community planning and community organising will be set out separately. Otherwise, all applicants must:

  1. Promote the objectives, principles and criteria of the Community Strategy.
  1. Be a community organisation or community enterprise. These organisations will be:
  • Based in a local neighbourhood of Exeter
  • Led by (trustees) local community residents
  • Accountable to the local community
  • Open membership to all local residents
  • Work to benefit the interests of the local community of an area or community of interest.

Funding can only be paid to organisations and cannot be paid to individuals or be paid to for-private-profit projects or organisations.

  1. Have a constitution and access to a bank account with at least 2 signatories.
  2. Be applying for between £1,000 and £50,000* ( but please note special guidance for each round!). For smaller applications, see the City Council Community Grants Scheme www.exeter.gov.uk/communitygrants or DCC Locality grant see https://new.devon.gov.uk/democracy/councillors-nav/locality-budgets/ or other grant funders.
  3. Community Action and Community Collaboration grants will normally be made for projects that will be completed during one calendar year. If a project needs to take longer than expected the panel will review its progress after 1 year and agree extensions where deemed appropriate.
  4. Include an element of match funding, whether a cash or in-kind contribution.  It is unlikely that we will fund 100% of a project’s costs.

Have a look at how grants will be assessed and the communities’ priorities here.