What we’re doing

“Exeter … a city where communities lead development, helping create a city where everyone has access to the places and services which enable them to meet their needs, and lead fulfilling lives.”

Our main task so far has been creating a ‘Community Strategy‘ for the next ten years. This explains how we think we can strengthen our communities in Exeter to achieve our vision. To meet the needs of  both new and existing communities.

The Community Strategy sets out our plan to:

    • strengthen communities to help improve the quality of life and enable communities to control assets: buildings and other spaces and facilities,
    • identify programmes that will best address the development needs of new and existing communities,
    • identify common themes and priorities that will help inform decision making about and with communities in the city and inform the allocation of CIL* and other funding.

housebuilding in Exerter

* CIL is the Community Infrastructure Levy – this is a fee developers pay towards ‘infrastructure’ – 15% of this fee is allocated for neighborhoods. For more detail look here.




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