In early 2015, Exeter City Council decided that the ‘Neighbourhood’ proportion of the Community Infrastructure Levy, (a planning charge imposed on development, which is used to pay for infrastructure to support that development) should be spent on developing and implementing a community strategy.

The Council endorsed a ‘bottom-up’ approach, supporting community groups and action. It has asked the Exeter Community Forum to take a lead to work with others across the city to allocate this neighbourhood proportion of the Community Infrastructure Levy or CIL.

A Community Strategy was developed in 2015. This will underpin community-led development in the city for ten years. It will provide a way for communities to take the lead, build their capacity to own and manage buildings and other property, work with other organisations, and fund and deliver projects, initiatives and services.

The Community Strategy is based on a statement of principles of community-led development. Other organisations and authorities are invited to sign up. The Strategy will embody openness and accountability in all its activities.

The Strategy includes an action plan for the first three years, from April 2016 to March 2019. The action plan will be delivered through three programmes, all of which will receive funding from Exeter’s Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and the New Homes Bonus.  Community organisations in the city will be able to apply for funding from the Grass Roots Grants programme.  Some programmes will receive additional funding from other sources, such as the New Homes Bonus.

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