cropped-cropped-cropped-ECFlogofull.jpgExeter is full of people doing amazing things in their community! 

From organising festivals, running youth groups, managing a community building, helping people to get to hospital, caring for an open space, residents groups getting involved in the planning system, supporting children and families, raising funds, planting trees, running services in our communities…..to…

The list is incredible! Community action is a vital part of Exeter’s life blood!

Exeter Community Forum brings together community organisations to work together and strengthen our communities in Exeter – supporting the needs of both new and existing communities as the city grows. We’ve put our ideas into a ‘Community Strategy‘  for the next five years.

The forum has other aims too.

  • Give a strong voice for community groups from across the different areas of the City.
  • Inform how the monies raised through the levy on Developers will be spent in communities. This money is known as the ‘neighbourhood portion of the Community Infrastructure Levy’
  • Give a space for groups to share information and discuss opportunities for working together. That might be running local services and managing community facilities.
  • To identify common themes and priorities that will help inform decision making about and with communities in the City.
  • To keep informed of national policy & initiatives, and
  • To communicate with and involve wider communities and key statutory and voluntary/community sector partners in the work of developing a community strategy.

Full details of the Forum, membership and how we work can be found in our Terms of Reference.