Notice of decisions made by the Council

On May 18th Exeter Community Fourm received notice of the following decisons made on 17th May 2018 by Exeter City Council:

  1. That the next round of the Grass Roots Grants (Closing date 28 May) would not go ahead.

That the fund should continue to operate this year but with the  following changes :

  1. The next closing date would be extended to the 27 August, with recommendations being made to Executive on the 9 October and full Council on the 16 October.
  2. That there would be a £10,000 maximum cap on Grass Roots Grants for community development activities until the Community Grants review had been completed and decisions made about future funding of community initiatives.  This wil include applications for capital and equipment.
  3. That in response to members concerns about Councillor participation raised in People Scrutiny on the 1 March 2018 (and endorsed by Exec and Council in April) that the Grass Roots Grants panel would invite the Chair Of People Scrutiny to join the panel, alongside PH Health & Wellbeing, Communities and Sport, and the Member Champion for Communities.
  4. As a community member of the panel has now been selected as a councillor in the city, that it would not be appropriate for her to continue as a community representative on the panel.  It was requested that this place should not be filled by another community member whilst the review was taking place.

The Council will announce terms of reference, timescales etc for the community grants review  to community groups and community associations shortly.