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When we put together the Community Strategy in 2015 we talked to communities around the city about their priorities for their community and spending the CIL funding .  Facilitators from CAG Consultants to ran the consultation process.

We collected lots of interesting data, ideas and comments about the city so we’re leaving it here as a resource for your area. The information is also a reference point for groups applying for funds and the grants panel which will be allocating CIL funds.

We started with a meeting of the Community Forum on 17th September which looked at a vision and aims for the strategy.   The meeting reached consensus on a vision for Exeter in 2025.   A visual map of this can be seen here: ECS Vision key elements 14 10 15

Public events were held in November and December 2015 .  Comments are shown  in most of the documents in visual way which we hope will make it easy to see the main issues at a glance.  At these meetings participants were asked to suggest criteria for choosing projects, and the results have been compiled here: ECS Criteria for assessing proposals

By the way, if your community is not specifically mentioned,  you’ve not been forgotten. In producing the strategy, the needs of all communities across the city were researched and mapped.  We would love to hear what your community needs, whether or not it is mentioned here.

Devon Youth Service organised a specific event for young people in January and  we also attended the Black and Minority Ethnic Forum . The St David’s Neighbourhood Partnership also agreed a vision, objectives and priorities for the neighbourhood at their AGM.  Information from these events are also included below.

If you have a link or furhter infomation abotu your area you’d liek to add to this page please get in touch via our facebook page  or see the contact page.

Alphington priorities and projects part 1

Alphington priorities and projects part 2

Beacon Heath priorities and projects

Countess Wear and Wonford community event priorities and projects

Exwick Community event priorities and projects part 1

Exwick Community event priorities and projects part 2

Newcourt and Digby community projects and priorities

Pinhoe priorities and projects identified by community

Pinhoe community event priorities and projects part 1

St James community event priorities and projects part 1

St James community event priorities and projects part 2

BME forum event- priorities and projects 12012015 – written

Exeter BME Forum Priorities and Projects – mindmap

Exeter Community Forum Youth Consultation Feedbackwritten

Exeter Youth Forum priorities and projects – mindmap

St David’s Neighbourhood partnership vision and priorities – mindmap

St David’s Neighbourhood Partnership vision and priorities written


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