How decisions will be made

The Exeter Community Forum has selected a Grants Panel, it is made up of the following members:

  1. The Exeter Community Forum Chairperson – Diana Moore or nominated substitute.
  2. Four other community members drawn from different organisations which are full members of Exeter Community Forum. They are drawn from different organisations and geographic areas of the city. Panel members for 2018 are:

Shelley Ingham, Alphington Community Assoication;

Kate Stych, St Leonard’s Community Association;

Judith Patterson, Newtown Community Association.

  1. The Exeter City Council portfolio-holder for Communities and Neighbourhoods, Cllr Phil Bialyk, or nominated substitute.
  2. The Exeter City Council Programme Manager for Communities, Dawn Rivers, or nominated substitute (non-voting member)

The panel meets three times a year. Our meetings are timed to allow decisions to be passed to Exeter City Council for ratification by the full Council

Organisations making an application to the Exeter Community Forum may be invited to make a presentation to the Panel, guidance for this will be given at the time the invitation is made.

You can download the full terms of reference for the Grants panel here: ECF Grants Panel Terms of Reference May 2016.


Please make a note of the current and the future grant rounds. The Grass Roots Gratns panel considers the grant then a recommednation is made to the Council Executive and the full council, so it takes a while for decisions to be made. Please consider this when you plan your project or are talking to other funders.

Deadline for applications                    Council Executive       Full Council                

26 February                                                  10 April 2018               24 April 2018

28 May                                                            10 July 2018                24 July

27 August 2018                                           9 October 2018           16 October 2018