Community Builders

Exeter’s Communities Strategy sets out a commitment to deploying Community Builders across the city to provide support to  communities.

 What is ‘Community building’ about?

Laura shares her experience of community building
Laura shares her experience of community building

Community building is all about building relationships in communities, mobilising people to take action and supporting projects which make a difference to people’s lives.

Community builders have no agenda and do not lead or do things on behalf of people – they help people to do things for themselves.

Does it work?

Exeter Community Forum members spent a good evening with Cormac Russell in December who shared the ideas behind Asset Based Community Development – principles which underpin the work of Community Builders. You can watch his Exeter Ted Talk  from 2016  to find out more.

We also know from work by Community Builders funded by Exeter City Council working in Wonford, Exwick and St Thomas  – and now with Exeter Community Initiatives and  Active Devon, over a number of years that they can have a real impact on people’s lives and the local community. Wellbeing Exeter (ICE) are funding Community Builders in some areas of Exeter to help create relationships and community activity. These Community Builders are working with ‘Community Connectors’ based in some GP surgeries to help provide opportunities for people to get involved in their community.

Look at what the community Conenctors are doing as part of Wellbeing Exeter in this you tube film.

Read more about what we plan to do in Exeter and how to get involved.