Paul Bull – living out cooperative values

Sadly, Councillor Paul Bull passed away on Sunday 19th February 2017.

Paul was the Labour and Cooperative Councillor for St Thomas and Portfolio Holder and Lead Councillor for Communities and Culture.

Paul was true to the co-operative values he cared about – shown by his deep commitment to community action.  Paul encouraged and supported the range of community initiatives – from small scale community composting, tree planting to the development of community associations, sports groups and community enterprises.

Paul believed in a ‘bottom up approach’, listening to community associations, many frustrated by the planning system. Cormac Russell has said that community development can only take place at the speed of trust. Paul’s integrity enabled that trust to grow in Exeter.

Paul’s patient leadership paid off – bringing Councillor and officer colleagues together with community organisations to form the Community Forum and agree a community strategy. Not just a document – but a joint commitment to the value of relationships and community action in our diverse communities and working out together what that means in practice.

A pleasure to work with, a valued community leader, an encourager and enabler.

We thank you.